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The AR-Future of television. is nothing but the revolution in television. We bring together both worlds of linear TV programs and the second screen on smart devices. Simply hold your smartphone or tablet in front of your screen – and experience a whole new world with seamless integrated Augmented Reality content. Have you ever dreamt about your favorite character jumping out of the TV?

Now it’s official: the fragmented attention between first and second screen is over. The time has come for the new era of mixed reality entertainment.

Suitable for every publisher.


TV Programming
Live Broadcasting


Streaming services
Video on Demand
Online Publishing


Point of Sale
Out of Home
Trade Shows & Fairs


Cutting edge content formats become reality. You’ll be surprised by the unlimited possibilities.

Live Sports.

Imagine watching your favorite sports show or live match – arranges your favorite stats for the team, the match, and the players, brings you live feeds of related news and information, and videos of just about anything of interest. Your sports experience will be lifted to a new level.


Infotainment will never be the same. Enrich your linear programs with dozens of knowledge-deepening facts, graphics, animations or stunning gimmicks in your viewer’s living room. Or get your

Home shopping.

Seen a perfect watch on your favorite show? Why not simply check whether it fits your style? makes it possible to present the product virtually, lets your viewers interact with it, and helps to enhance the purchase bias. It’s your future of home shopping.


It’s a child’s dream to make their favorite cartoon character jump right out of the screen, freely moving around them and even interacting with them. This vision now becomes reality. From now on, kids can experience adventures or solve riddles right in the middle of the living room and turn it into an amazing mixed reality playground – a whole new chapter of kids entertainment and education is ready to be written.

Quiz and entertainment.

Engage with your viewers at a new level: enables you to involve the audience with your program. Voting for their favorite singer of a talent show, guessing the right answer to the million dollar question, and even participating in real time is now possible at the palm of your viewer’s hand.

… and your vision!

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Your toolbox for the future.

Augmented effects.

Do you dream of watching sports and your favorite player appears next to you in your room? This vision can finally become a reality. With, it is now possible to enrich the regular TV program with stunning, interesting, knowledge-deepening, highly entertaining CGI – in front and around the screen, presented in the correct viewing angle.

Augmented interface.

Like to read the subtitles in any language of the world? Want to know who the guy on the left is or which song is currently playing? Tap anytime to show these captions around the TV and not across the picture. We call it the cockpit functions, which help you make additional AR information available throughout the entire film and let the user decide when they would like to see it.

Interaction with content.

Presenting stunning AR content is one thing, but isn’t activation even more exciting? enables almost every element to be clickable and encourages the user to interact with it. If you’d like to release further content elements, perform quizzes, carry out a poll or 1-click-buy presented products, no worries – we can integrate almost every API function into your story.

Identify your content in real time. is the world’s first augmented reality solution, using moving images for marker purposes – with our unique TELEMARK™ technology.

There are no more annoying marker elements around your screen – which makes it perfectly suitable for TV programs.


The app detects the TV and the viewing angle and keeps track on it.


The app identifies the content with our TELEMARK ™ Technology.


Exact timecode syncronization takes place and eliminates the offset.


2D and 3D CGI content will be augmented around your TV – in real time!


Your user can operate the various AR effects according to their taste.

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