The U.S. debut

of took place with the launch of Screens Up!, a unique mix of eye-popping Augmented Reality (AR) synced with TV moments and fun features including mini-games and AR stickers. The free companion app, which is now available in the App Store and via Google Play, immerses Nickelodeon fans in its IP through AR delivered to mobile devices.

The app made its debut as a robust synced second-screen experience during the “2018 Kids’ Choice Sports Awards” on Friday, July 20 2018. During the broadcast, kids were prompted by their TVs to use the app, in which they could use their smartphone as an AR slime cannon, vote on the outcome and affect the show, play trivia, polls, games all synced to the broadcast, and unlock fun AR stickers.

Nickelodeon expands Screens Up! into an “engagement hub”, offering not only augmented experiences synced to TV moments, but also a place for other AR-fueled experiences. Starting with series like Henry Danger, episode 80 “Danger Things”, the network drives more user engagement to their audience. On new year’s eve, Nickelodeon empowered the ‘New Year’s Eve Loud House Marathon Party’ with AR.

The App stems from a cross-continent collaboration between Nickelodeon and four agencies/tech partners located in three countries: Monterosa, The Mill, eyecandylab, and We Are Royale.