Video will never be the same.

Lean back is over: make a groundbreaking step into a new world of interaction and storytelling. The // Unity SDK is the only tool to seamlessly align AR scenes to a video.

Out of the box, use the demo kit to create a project in minutes or build a masterpiece using your own content.

For Developers and Content Creators

Our // Unity SDK enables any content creator to build spectacular augmented reality experiences based on any existing video content. Add rich and immersive layers atop captivating video that will get your clients, and their customers, talking.

“The platform offers boundless imaginings digitally manifested in the real world. The SDK is easy to use and gives us the flexibility to realize any visions we can conjure.”

Bret Bagenstose
CEO NeoPangea


Unleash the power of AR for video.

With the // Unity SDK,  lean back content is now a thing of the past.
Have your viewers explore immersive and interactive content that makes them talk, share and engage with content and brands more.

The // Unity SDK supports smartphones and tablets across both iOS and Android devices, as well as supports ARKit and ARCore, making this a developer’s tool of choice.

Unparalleled Time Synchronization.

eyecandylab’s TELEMARK™ technology identifies the screen and the content in a heartbeat. Less than three seconds are needed to do the recognition – your users won’t take notice and enjoy your AR show.

Just Plug, then Play.

Jump start the development with the // Unity SDK by importing it with two clicks. Don’t worry about complicated workflows – thanks to’s intuitive editor UI and the Unity timeline support, you can focus on content creation and syncing the AR content to the video footage.

Play around with unlimited, frame-exact trigger points and dabble with quick start/ stop asset appearances while incorporating some amazing animations. Evaluate and iterate on the fly by previewing the whole experience in the Unity Preview Editor.

AR, built for everyone.

Mobile phones, tablets or AR glasses – now anyone in your audience can enjoy the AR experience, no matter the device type.

The // Unity SDK supports a broad range of devices, like most of the devices running iOS and all Android devices supporting ARCore.