Video will never be the same.

Lean back is over: make a groundbreaking step into a new world of interaction and storytelling. The // Unity SDK is the only tool to seamlessly align AR scenes to a video.

Out of the box, use the demo kit to create a project in minutes or build a masterpiece using your own content.

For Developers and Content Creators.

Our // Unity SDK enables any content creator to build spectacular augmented reality experiences based on any existing video content. Add rich and immersive layers atop captivating video that will get your clients, and their customers, talking. SDK client projects

"The platform offers boundless imaginings digitally manifested in the real world. The SDK is easy to use and gives us the flexibility to realize any visions we can conjure."

Brett Bagenstose
CEO NeoPangea


Unleash the power of AR for video.

With the // Unity SDK,  lean back content is now a thing of the past.
Have your viewers explore immersive and interactive content that makes them talk, share and engage with content and brands more.  

The // Unity SDK supports smartphones and tablets across both iOS and Android devices, as well as supports ARKit and ARCore, making this a developer’s tool of choice.

Unparalleled Time Synchronization.

eyecandylab's TELEMARK™ technology identifies the screen and the content in a heartbeat. Less than three seconds are needed to do the recognition - your users won't take notice and enjoy your AR show.

Just Plug, then Play.

Jump start the development with the // Unity SDK by importing it with two clicks. Don’t worry about complicated workflows - thanks to's intuitive editor UI and the Unity timeline support, you can focus on content creation and syncing the AR content to the video footage.

Play around with unlimited, frame-exact trigger points and dabble with quick start/ stop asset appearances while incorporating some amazing animations. Evaluate and iterate on the fly by previewing the whole experience in the Unity Preview Editor.

AR, built for everyone.

Mobile phones, tablets or AR glasses - now anyone in your audience can enjoy the AR experience, no matter the device type.
The // Unity SDK supports a broad range of devices, like most of the devices running iOS and all Android devices supporting ARCore.

Your Success is Our Success. Period.

Exploring  a new world is an awesome experience, but having a guide show you around makes it more fun and easier to adapt. eyecandylab is committed to building the most technologically advanced, and supported,  AR platform on the planet. With libraries of tutorials, as well as 24/7, 365 support availbility, we are always there helping you thrive.


Are you ready to pioneer AR for video for you and your customers?  Choose the right plan to start building and release your creative potential by making awesome demos and developing staggering use cases.


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The unique aspect about the technology is that we are allowing content creators to add an AR layer on top of a video. That means, no static marker, QR code or audio signal is required and the video content does not have to be manipulated at all.

The video feed or live broadcast feed itself triggers the AR content. Our Unity SDK allows you to add and synchronize AR content to specific timecodes of your pre-produced video.

Every video has to go through our TELEMARK™ processing. This is available for pre-produced content as well as real-time broadcasts. For pre-produced videos, you receive a unique descriptor file that identifies our video, which can be stored in the app.

In case you are streaming live, the content is processed in real-time on the platform and your users can match it through synchronization with our servers.

Our technology can either be used in a standalone app or integrated into your existing app through our SDKs, available for Unity and iOS / Android native.

If you use it for pre-produced videos, you can store the descriptor as well as the AR content offline on the device.

To match live broadcasts, the user devices synchronize with the servers and users would need a connection to the internet.

It works with all self-illuminated screens, such as TVs, computers, laptops or digital signage.

The screen is recognized automatically. To stabilize the AR experience, the only calibration that your users might have to execute is the operating system's onboard stabilization of ARKit (iOS) and ARCore (Android). works without the white border, available for enterprise customers. Free- and Demo-Users need their video with the watermark border to work with their edition.

You create the AR content like any other CGI or game assets with your favorite computer graphics program.

Once the experiences are ready, use the SDK to align it with your video experience. And, in case you are not sure how to handle all this, talk to us, we will find a turn-key solution for you.

Sure! It's content in an app, so you can basically add any kind of interaction to your AR assets, and of course, track the user's actions.

The size of the AR content depends on the length, type, and quality of the AR experiences. You can store it either on the device or load content packages on occasion.

Statistics show that users won't bother holding up the phone up to 8 - 10 minutes.

In addition, driving your audience to lean forward and interact with the content provides more fun and stickiness to the program.

Aside from providing the technology, we support you with every step to bring to live.

From creative consulting to the turn-key asset production and implementation support in your app environment, we adapt to your specific needs and let you concentrate on producing your new AR-enabled show.