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The AR future of video. can turn any flat screen content into an interactive portal. You can expand the linear video into your room and interact with beautifully engaging AR content by simply pointing a smartphone or tablet to the screen. The revolutionary technology is able to understand what you are watching, be it Live TV or online video, and delivers engaging and interactive content to the palm of your hand.

With, you can now break the barrier between the virtual and real world by incorporating our SDK into your apps. Beautifully crafted AR or value-adding information – take your audience to a whole new level of engagement and entertainment.

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Products for every content producer.

Enterprise Solution

Bespoke turnkey solutions for media enterprises, networks, OTTs and studios.
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Unity SDK

The // Unity SDK let you build your own AR video on experience, integrated in your app.
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Web-based Authoring Tool

Easy-to-use tool empowering every content producer, be it an agency or a YouTube influencer to create their own AR-enabled video experience.

(coming 2021)


Cutting edge content formats become reality. You’ll be surprised by the unlimited possibilities.

Live Sports.

Imagine watching a live sports match and seeing all relevant stats and data around the TV screen! gives access to live data and news feeds on the match, teams and players in real-time. Recall the last highlight moment using the replay feature and never miss out a goal again!


Educational TV will never be the same. Experience documentary films, news and reports on a new level of interactivity.
Knowledge can be actively acquired and deepened through videos enriched with additional info features, interactive graphics and animations.

Home shopping.

Want to check whether Brad Pitt’s watch in the movie would suit your style? Or what brand Robert Downey Jr.’s car is? allows to get information on products shown in every TV show, movie, commercial or video. AR shopping features help driving lead generation and e-commerce.


It’s a child’s dream to make their favourite cartoon character come to live to play together. will fulfill the dream letting the characters jump out of the screen to explore adventures or solve riddles with the kids. Turn the living room into an amazing mixed reality playground!

Quiz and entertainment. enables the audience to directly participate in live broadcasted TV shows.
Voting for the favorite singer of a talent show, guessing the right answer to the million dollar question, competing in a game show is now possible at the palm of your hand.

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Your toolbox for the future.

Extra layer of information

Content is no longer limited to the video screen. With an extra layer of storytelling you can include additional information.
Display extra AR content perfectly synchronized to the video in the space around the screen.

Two-way video experience

There is no limitation on creativity for your videos. We help you to create rich, two-way video experiences for your audiences. Through interactive features the viewers can now actively respond to the content in any way you want.

New monetization possibilities

Be it interactive AR product placement or affiliate marketing – enables you to build new monetization models around your video. Let the viewers purchase your products directly via the AR shopping feature.

Identify your content in real time. is a revolutionary, computer-vision-based solution using moving images as the marker and trigger for AR.

Forget about visible marker elements in your video – our unique TELEMARK™ technology is perfectly suitable for any Live TV broadcast and video.


The in-app-software detects the TV as well as the viewing angle and keeps track of it.


The TELEMARK ™ technology identifies the video or live TV channel.


Exact timecode synchronization eliminates broadcast latency.


2D and 3D CGI content will be augmented around your TV – in real time!


Your audience interacts with AR elements and engages with the content.

The SDK.

Unleash your creative power beyond screen borders – with the // Unity SDK, you can build our identification technology seamlessly into your apps. You leverage your existing install-base while bringing it to the biggest possible audience – your fans.

Whether you’re a creative agency, a developer studio or corporate brand – with the // Unity SDK, you can create your own Augmented World for videos.

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